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Frequently Asked Questions: Laser Tattoo Removal

Top reasons for patient to have their tattoo removed?

Regret (about 70%), Employment, Military, “outgrew the tattoo” and also, many come in to “lighten tattoo’s so they can change them to something else.

What is the top areas patients have tattoos removed from?

Wrists, ankles, lower mid back and arms

Most bizarre place you have seen a tattoo?

Pubic area and inner lip mucosa (mouth)

What are the hardest colors to remove?

White cannot be removed and can oxidize (darken).  I have seen this with pink when red and white are mixed together.  Sometimes changing wavelengths I am able to remove the oxidation and sometimes not!

Yellow sometimes will lighten and sometimes not.  I would say that yellow and white are wildcard colors meaning we don’t know what will happen when hit with a laser.  I will often times do a test spot prior to beginning treatments.  Some colors mixed with white may not oxidize right away, but after several treatments they might.

Red is normally an easy color to remove. Sometimes hypopigmentation can be a side effect that will normally resolve  after treatments.

What is an ideal candidate for tattoo removal?

Lighter skinned populations have less a chance of pigment changes, meaning post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, or hypo-pigmentation.

Are there any restrictions on having a tattoo removed?

It is best to not be tanned in the area you are having the tattoo removal

You cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding

Most patients are 18 years a older

You must wait at least 6 weeks after getting a tattoo to have it removed


For more questions about your individual tattoo please call our office to schedule a complimentary consultation: 206-525-1168


Joanie Poth, RN

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