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Tattoo Removal and Your Career

What do you think of this Huffington Post article? Tattoo Removal Rises As Employers Hesitate To Hire Inked Applicants

Professionals who consult for tattoo removal at Seattle Skin and Laser are now given two options for hiding a visible tattoo. Complete removal using the new Picosure laser from Cynosure is the very best option. It is the fastest laser on the market today, often removing tattoos in half the treatment time of older lasers. The second option is covering the tattoo. This is a great option for those who really love their tattoo, but would like to have it covered occasionally. Make-up can also be a secondary solution for patients who are mid-way through tattoo removal and would like more coverage until the end result is achieved.

Seattle Skin and Laser now offers the ColoreScience mineral make-up corrector pallet. corrector pallet

This make-up can be applied directly to the tattoo and will stay on for several hours. This is a great option for job interviews, weddings, and other events where you would like to temporarily camouflage your tattoo. Be sure to ask about this option, in conjunction with laser tattoo removal at your complimentary consult.

The ColoreScience corrector pallet retails for $50.00.  Now through the end of August enjoy 15% off.  Call Seattle Skin and Laser to discuss tattoo removal and cover-up options today. (206) 525-1168

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